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I have an SMH 10 upgradable communication system, and a smart phone six. The bike is a 2015 BMW RT W with a nav five Garman GPS. What pairing sequence should I use to make all of these things work in harmony? The Sena manual offers several options.

6.1,6.2 and a bunch more. I'm confused. Thanks....



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First..go to apple app store and download Garmin Smart Link. It's free...Everything works better when you do. Sync your phone to the GPS, then go to Helmet 1...use the Sena Sync series by holding the small button until it starts saying pairing. Then watch for Sena to appear on you bike screen. Click it.


Fair warning. Go slow..Don't try to sync to sena until the phone and gps have synced. It works pretty good most of the time, but occasionally you have to redo the whole series.


All your BMW radio function will work except one. You won't be able to adjust volume with the whizzy wheel, you will do that on SENA. You will have a good 10+ hours on a fully charged system.


Be sure as you work through your BMW menu you turn off loudspeaker and sync to helmet 1, not just bluettooth. Sound isn't great, but sure the heck beats wires.


Good luck.

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I have a similar set of hardware and went through a similar quest for the answer to "Pairing".


After much experimentation, with not so good results... I (once again) contacted Garmin Tech support with the question. The fellow I got this time seemed to be more assured about his instructions and left me with the impression that Garmin and BMW agreed to this procedure... of course this is not a policy statement from with BMW or Garmin. It is just the impression I got... plus the fact that this sequence works for me.


Note: If you need tech.support on the Nav 5 and call Garmin... ask for the OEM group. This is a special section devoted to helping those with OEM Garmin hardware.


Their answer to your question is...


1. IF you have a passenger and want intercom... pair Helmet 1 to Helmet 2 first.


2. Pair Helmet 1 to the bike system using method 7.1 A2DP*... this allows stereo. The Sena voice confirms "Media Selective"


3. Pair Helmet 1 to Nav 5... also using the 7.1 A2DP* method.


4. Pair iPhone to the Nav 5.


*note: the Sena SMH 10 Media Selective pairing method is to turn the headset on then hold the "Phone" button for 5 seconds, then within 2 seconds Tap the Jog wheel... you should hear the "Media Selective" announcement.


In general the best process is to delete all prior pairing attempts so you can start with a clean slate.


If you pair like this once you "should" be able to automatically pair in future rides... just power up the Sena, Turn on the Media Selective pairing sequence and the bike should pair.


I have found this method to work most of the time, but sometimes the "Bike to Helmet 1 fails to connect immediately. Turning the "Bike system" off then back on will usually result in pairing... you do not need to re-trace the entire pairing setup. .


Having said all this I also an coming to believe that the actual sequence of pairing steps to the bike does not really matter but I suspect the Helmet 1 to Helmet 2 thing should be done first...


Good luck.

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