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Front faring removal questions


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It has been a long winter and now that things have warmed up a bit I finally have time to get after some issues with my bike.


I am using a Clymer manual as a reference to get the front faring and front faring frame off of my '04 RT. So far I have removed the bottom and side panels, the mirrors, the windshield, and the inner dash. So far I can't get the upper/front fairing to budge


Under the upper fairing removal steps it says to remove the windshield and lift mechanism - In the diagram it appears some of the fasteners are under the faring, so I am a bit befuddled.


It also says to remove the headlight case and mounting nuts, and I can't figure out where they are.


Suggestions on what I am looking for and where to find it?


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Thanks for the help, I made progress this evening but am now stuck because I don't know the best way to remove the small 5w bulb from the headlight assembly. That is the last piece attached by it's wiring to the front frame.


Does it just pull out? it looks like it is just a force fit from underneath into the headlight assembly. I wiggled it a bit but did not want to do something stupid.

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Thank you, i think i'll try a drop of soapy water or WD-40 to try and lube it up a bit. These small bits can be so expensive... :-)

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