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Virginia BMW dealer recommendation


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I'm returning from a year deployed and also making a cross country move to Hampton, VA. I sold by 04 RT prior to deploying so I'm in the market for a new (or new to me) RT. Any recommendations for a dealer in the Virginia area?


Appreciate any info/insight.



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Hi Steve, good to hear from you. I spent 10 years in the Northern VA area and had a lot of respect for Morton's BMW. Located about 30 miles south of the DC loop right off of I-95.

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morton's is good. In chesapeake, adventure BMW. smaller showroom, good folks. I only have parts/service experience there, which has been good.




by the way: welcome back and feel free to look me up when you get back, I'm in western branch.



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Welcome home. I'll be just up the road at Ft Meade. I know it's a couple of hundred miles north but Bob's BMW in Md is good.


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Yes, Welcome Back! I'm another in the Tidewater area.


I've not bought a new bike from any of the dealers in the more immediate area. But as for friendliness and customer service in parts and service, I'd definitely rank Morton's the best. The have the largest showroom with the largest inventory new and used.


Bob's BMW in Jessup MD (right by Fort Meade) uses part of their showroom as a museum. Pretty interesting.


Adventure, as previously stated, is small but their service reliable.


I bought my current bike in Raleigh and would not probably do so again.

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