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New GPS Holder


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Thanks. Yes,the windshield is pretty much like a barn door. No, buffeting and I can keep my visor up.


Not sure how it will work this summer, but was nice and warm on the way to work - it was 50.


Its a 2010 Kawasaki Voyager 1700.


Top case is HUGE! NO vibration at idle!!!!


Saddlebags don't pop open either!!!


Radio works even on the highway. Need to get the iPod adapter.


Bought it at Haps in Sarasota. Very easy to deal with.


Happy Happy Happy!!!





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Nice scoot!



We kind of think alike. I posted on facebook that I had a partial and a full can of Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish...






but I'd sold my Honda dual sport.


Not wanting to be wasteful, I came up with a solution.








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Them's some of the hairiest bikes I've ever seen.


Yea but with all them legs, arms, or appendages you won't need a GPS mount.

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"Them's some of the hairiest bikes I've ever seen."

I thought you were insinuating that that was the kind of women you could pick up on one of them things.

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