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BMW recall (faulty rear wheel flange)

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Apologies if this is old news:


BMW recalls nearly 49,000 motorcycles for faulty rear wheel flangePublish Date: Mar 27, 2015 .

WESTWOOD, N.J. - BMW of North America is recalling nearly 49,000 motorcycles from the 2005 through 2010 model years, because the rear-wheel mounting flange may crack if the rear wheel mounting bolts are overtightened, creating a crash hazard.


The recall affects model year


•2005-2010 R1200GS and R1200RT

•2006-2010 R1200GS Adventure

•2007-2010 R1200R

•2007 R1200S and K1200R Sport

•2005-2007 R1200ST

•2008-2009 HP2 Megamoto

•2006 HP2 Enduro

•2008-2010 HP2 Sport

•2005-2008 K1200S

•2006-2008 K1200R and K1200GT

•2009-2011 K1300S

•2010-2011 K1300R, and

•2009-2010 K1300GT motorcycles.

If the rear wheel mounting flange cracks, the mounting bolts may loosen and the rear wheel may not remain secured to the motorcycle, causing a loss of stability and increasing the risk of a crash.


BMW is notifying owners. Dealers are asked to replace the existing aluminum rear wheel flange with a steel one, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin April 21.


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Ft Lauderdale BMW is replacing my final drive due to a on road failure last month during an IBA ride. I asked about the recall and they told me that it was a couple of weeks away but because I was getting the new drive I'd also get the new flange when they finish the bike up next week. Saves me a trip to Max's this summer. If your bike is in the shop for any pre-season work it might be worth it to ask if they could do this for you at the same time.

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I could be wrong, but, I thought I read somewhere that they were recalling bikes "built" through sometime in 2011. I have a 2011 built in October 2010.

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