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DIY Shelf


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Helps to have a few resources at your disposal.

Parts: 1) 4"x10" piece of 1/8" aluminum plate

Sevreal pieces of alum plate 3/8" wide by 4" long. You only need 4 but have spares for trial & error.





Mock up some brackets into the dash using the longer Tupperware screws.



Trim the corners of the plate to your satisfaction and sand down all burrs.

Here, I've already located the holes & drilled & chamfered for 4mm x 5mm long counter sink Phillips screws.



Next, with brackets already trimmed and sanded smooth, and holes drilled & tapped is time to paint. I happen to have access to powder coat unit, but paint will do.




Finished up the powder



Whatever you do do NOT use this kind powder in the oven!



So then, if you didn't blow yourself up, you can assemble the plate to mount your stuff on.



You can't see from this angle but there's a screw in both of the front brackets, had to trim them flush for clearance. I left the others long in case I need to mount/attach something underneath.

Is quite sturdy and was not that difficult but not exactly space shuttle quality either, sort of like this tutorial, but crap man, I'm doing all this on a flipping phone. (Uhh, not a FLIP phone).

Well there's an idea for anyone who has a tight budget Or just bored. ...

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Nice job.


FYI, The RCU shelf has two additional angle brackets on the side (the screws left and right seen in a couple of those pictures). Just a thought if your devices on the shelf get a little bouncy.

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Very nice -- attention to detail, and I know how satisfying it is to produce something "just right" and "well" for yourself.


Oh, and -0.5 points out of 100 for the unpainted screw heads on the top of the shelf. :rofl:

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yep, i should have powdered the screws too, but , most will be covered by device/Velcro.


BTW, has anyone researched their local/state traffic fine charges?

I did, wow! ONE speeding ticket would practically pay for a decent radar detector.


Jefferson co Alabama, 90 mph+ is $372

86-89mph = $170 + $1.00 per mph.. (ex. 86 mph which is real common here = $170+86= $256

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