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Strange Things wiyh Sight Glass??


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Check my oil just now for a ride tomorrow and the glass was solid white. I said wow my oil has gotten WATER in it?????


Dropped the oil and it's fine. Anyone have their sight grass cloud over? Cause? fix without replacing it?

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Guest Kakugo

I had it happen a few times in the past (not on the RT).


I adopted a pragmatic approach: I ignored the whole thing. There's always bound to be a little moisture trapped inside the engine, especially if the bike has been laid up for the Winter or is used a lot for short trips.

Best cure is to go for a long ride so as to allow the moisture to be vented from the engine.


To check if your oil sight glass is leaking, clean the area around it throughly with a good quality detergent, go for a ride and then pass a clean white rag or shop towel around it. If there's no oil, it ain't leaking.

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