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Best non-Ohlins rear shock for R1100RT


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I'm a new member to this wonderful forum and have a simple question: what shock is a strong #2 behind the Ohlins? It seems the general consensus is Ohlins is #1 but they cost way more than the others and I'm wondering if the extra cost is worth the extra value - $1,000 for a new Ohlins seems stratospheric. If the #2 shock is $500 and is +80% as good as the Ohlins, I'd be interested. I have a '97 R1100RT w/ 53k on the clock and, I'm pretty sure, has the '97 OEM shocks. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - thanks! -MF

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It been a while since I bought a new Ohlins but I don't remember prices anywhere close to a grand for a single shock. Call Kyle Racing, he's known for good prices and expert setup.


To answer your question, Wilbers is right there with Ohlins but not any cheaper. Used Ohlins show up from time to time, but if you find one with more than 20K miles on it budget another $150 to get it rebuilt.

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I've sold two sets of Ohlins from bikes I was parting out, and even used they command a premium price. On my own R1100RT I installed Works Performance shocks. They were an excellent upgrade and nowhere near the cost of Ohlins. I did luck out a bit in that I picked up a new rear shock off their website that was ordered and then the buyer changed their mind. I add a new front to the deal and all was good.


Others will suggest additional brands, but the reality is that I've never heard anyone here complain about their aftermarket shocks. They all seem to be premium products.

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Thanks much for taking the time to rsvp. I gave Works Performance a call (talked to Tim). He said W/P's rear shocks cost $919, are comparable in price/performance to Ohlins, but are USA-made. I'll give "Kyle Racing" a call later today and see what they have for both shocks. Its great to join a motorcycle forum (my first & only) where everyone else knows more about bikes than me! Thanks again! -MF

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I have a Works on mine and have sold them for years.


Recently, been doing a bit of buisiness with Hagon.


I just ordered a set of them for a customer with remote preload adjuster for the rear.

Retail was I think 650-675 for the rear. 5 something for front.

'04 K12RS.


From the UK, they took less than 2 weeks built to your specs too.

Email me for more info of you like.




Call Lindeman engineering in SoCal about rebuilding your stock one.





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I had Works shocks on my RT as well. Once they were dialed in, I never fiddled with them again unless I was loading up for an extended 2-up trip. No complaints at all.


I need to do the same with my GS because these stock suspenders are garbage already with under 40k miles on them. Its a steep price upfront, but I never regretted it on the RT once I pulled the trigger.

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Guest Kakugo

I've installed aftermarket shocks on almost all of my bikes.

In my opinion Ohlins is quite overrated.


The two brands I've settled on right now are Wilbers from Germany and MUPO from Italy. Personally I like the latter more (hydraulics are the most responsive among all brands I've tried and finding a great setup is incredibly straightforward) but you just cannot wrong with Wilbers.


I know Wilbers are officially imported in the US, not so sure about MUPO. Both manufacture shocks for your Oilhead. Both have excellent aftersales support, at least here.


Hagon is a good budget-conscious choice... provided they manufacture something that will fit the bill.

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