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Front wheel bearing repack


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I have my front wheel off (R1150RT 02) at the moment and have repacked the right side with additional grease looking to repack the left side. I can't work out how to get the 'dust cover' off without damaging it, any guidance?



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Afternoon Alba


Personally I don't advocate repacking sealed bearing if new are available at a decent price (the BMW's are).


I have had to repack some sealed bearing over the years that are no longer available, or very expensive, & on those I can usually blow the seal or seals off using compressed air.


I usually try to insert a small (screwdriver or plastic piece) between seal & inner race, once I get a small gap I hit that spot with high pressure compressed air (my shop air pressure runs 175psi though), in a lot of cases that will blow the seal off.

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Sorry for the hijack, but what is the recommended replacement interval on front wheel bearings? My '04 RT has 67k.


Morning Rick


When they go bad, or when you can feel some roughness when spinning the inner race.

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I replaced the front wheel bearings in my 1100RT after 114k miles of use. At that point, I could just feel a little bit of roughness when rotating the inner race with my finger. They were still going down the road fine, but I could tell it was time to address them.

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