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John Ranalletta

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John Ranalletta

Made first order with Rock Auto for a replacement dock lock striker for the F150. Got a tracking notice today saying a USPS label was created for the package. Interestingly, the ship from zip is a neighboring zip code to mine.


I wonder if Rock doesn't "bid out" the order to provisioners near the buyer, say, in this case, a Ford dealer who can ship out of his parts depot.


The part was reasonably priced and I'll get the part w/i 48 hours. That works.

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Interesting about the shipping. Even though not USPS, I have noticed with both FEDEX and UPS, tracking seems to have changed. A typical order from east coast used to say:

Pickup - New York City - 03/05/15 10am

Arrive - Chicago, Il 03/0515 5pm

Arrive - Los Angeles, Ca 03/06/15 4am

Arrive - Cerritos, Ca 03/06/15 7 am

Out for Delivery - Cerritos, Ca 03/06/15 10am


Lately I have seen:

Pickup - 03/05/15 7am

Processed - Cerritos,Ca 03/06/15 7 am, out for delivery


I KNOW it came from New York 'cause I talked with the guy who put it in the box.... LOL.


In your case it certainly could be a drop shipper. Look at the box/packing when it arrives... maybe you'll have some clues.




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I hope you've better luck with them than I did. Tried ordering two small parts to fix up the auto closing trunk on a nineties Cadillac - both parts were selected using their system and both were totally wrong. I believe they refunded me but we're not able to get me the right bits even though they showed up in pics on their website.


They did both arrive quickly and the price - if they'd been the right parts - was right :rofl:

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I've had both good and bad experiences with them. I find I can get most general parts for about the same price at Advance Autoparts by using coupon codes to buy online, and then pick up the parts in the store. For things that need to be special ordered, I've always found better prices at Rock Auto.


The bad luck was when I ordered a set of motor and transmission mounts for our Corolla. The ones they sent me didn't fit well and I had to go at two of them with a angle grinder and cutting wheel. Not necessarily their fault as they don't make them, but I was really disappointed with the quality of the parts. I wanted to send them back, but I was half way into the job when I realized they didn't fit properly.

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John Ranalletta

Mine was a pretty simple order/part. I hope it's the right one when it arrives.


The original part is missing the composite barrel that allows the door to close snugly against the door gasket.



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