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Are large System case lids still available, or are they NLA?


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I got taken out during this evening's commute by someone that got 3/4 way through a lane change and then decided to bolt back into my lane at ~25 mph. No injury, and the RT-P survived with minimal damage despite being squeezed into a jersey wall and ending up on its side with both tires resting horizontally against the wall.


[/Pause for PSA mode]


ATGATT -- a Good Thing®. I was in my one-piece Roadcrafter, BMW Allround boots and Schuberth C3 Pro. I rode the bike to the ground, including a period when I was horizontal, wedged between the bike and the passenger door, feeling the spine protection pad firmly against my back. Not a scratch on me, and no bruising at the usual impact points (elbows, knees).


[/PSA mode OFF]


One of the items damaged was the right system case -- the lock "box" and the lid will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the lid was a large lid and it does not show up in the MaxBMW fiche.


Its after hours, so I'll call my dealer tomorrow, but in the meantime:


Are they NLA? (please say they're available -- I *love* the large lids).


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Glad to hear you survived your off with relatively little damage to the bike, and more importantly, no damage to yourself...

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Thanks -- it was an interesting few seconds.


I've been bike commuting in DC traffic for 35 years, and it was only my 2nd time being knocked down. Unlike the first time (absolute idiot that nearly took out 4-5 cars along with me, and then ran off), I was not even really annoyed once I found out that the driver was avoiding someone that was merging into the same space from the opposite lane at the same time, and he was a decent guy about it -- I'll chalk it up to "stuff happens."


I suppose it's a good thing that my only real worry is about finding a replacement large lid.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan


I have two large lids in a box that I used for a year or two before replacing them.

One has one of the two latches broken off. Not sure which side though. I'll look tonight.

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I switched the city lids to standard lids three years ago and am really happy with the result in storage space increase. I say this in case the large "touring" lids are NLA.

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I bought a set from my UK dealer six months ago without any problem.

You need part numbers 71607652735 and 71607652736 plus the badges.



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Thanks all! The next morning after getting knocked over in the evening rush hour, I was down at my dealer to purchase my '15 RT (pre-planned, not a replacement for the RT-P). They checked and found a large lid in PA that they are getting for me, so it looks like I'm set.


p.s. A mod who shall remain nameless reminded me I should have put the lid request as a WTB in the Classifieds -- sorry for any confusion created/forum foe paw (thanks, Kathy! As a former mod myself, I know how hard it can be herding cats :D )

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