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Pi Day Pie Day Ride - Southern California

Hank R1200RT

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Hank R1200RT

I am planning a ride on March 14, Pi Day (3-14-15, get it?). This is not a BMW-only event, but it is a good ride for those of you in the Los Angeles/Orange County/Inland Empire area. San Diego folks could meet us at Julian if desired. Details below. If any of you are interested, please contact me by private message so I can get a head count.


For those of you going to the Temecula Days, the route from Wildomar back to Temecula may be interesting, including one downhill which is like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. :)




So, I am remiss in not posting this earlier, but I've been going in circles lately. Cheese posted an excellent route:




I rode it Friday and Steven, it was a great choice. I am going to make one alteration: cut off to highway S6 (South Grade) on CA 76 so we can hit Palomar. Then take S7 (East Grade) back to CA 76 and thence to pie. I should probably have someone on a sport bike lead that section, volunteers?


This will be a long day for some of you - 390 miles for me Friday with one side trip. Obviously somewhat less for Bruciando.


Starting point for LA peeps will be:

Eat At Rudy's

558 E Anaheim St

Wilmington, CA 90744 - (310) 549-8080


If anyone has other recos, speak up. Kickstands up at 9:26 AM by my iPhone.


We need one meet point for the OC people - any suggestions? Due to construction, the area around the Ortega/I-5 junction is bit of a mess. It should be near the 405, or 22/5 if that works.


For the IE folks, I would like to meet up on Grand in Elsinore. I did not see any great prospects, but maybe this will work:


Ly Gas & Mini Market

17595 Grand Ave

Elsinore, CA 92530


It's near the fire station, Grand and Blackwell in Elsinore. Alternative would be the shopping center on the south side of Ortega at Grand. I will plan on waving wildly at any motorcycles I see there. My guess is that we will be at those points about 10:45 to 11:00, but that may be optimistic.


Last chance to join will be at the Chevron on Temecula Parkway at the I-5 - it is on the west side of the freeway, less busy, Temecula Parkway on the east side has messy traffic. Figure 11:45 to noonish. Gas up for all riders recommended there, petrol gets scarce as we head to Julian. One no-name station in Santa Ysabel.


The map goes from San Juan Cap to Julian. My assumption is that you all can figure out how to get to the starting point or the meetup points. If you are going to meet us along the way, please privately email me your cell so I can text you if we are delayed, et cetera. Not that an LAB ride moves with anything but the precision of a Swiss watch...


Those of you wanting a two-day excursion...Discuss among yourselves.


Looking forward to seeing everyone,


Hank Murphy

2013 BMW R1200RT "Gretchen am Spinnrade"


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I am planning a ride on March 14, Pi Day (3-14-15, get it?).


Not just Pi Day (which is 3/14 of every year), but Super Pi Day (3/14/15 as you noted). And if you really want to do it right, you would start your ride at 9:26:53 o'clock. ;-)



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