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Navigator V mount/power cradle options

Yankee Lima

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Yankee Lima

hello all,


I have a Navigator V which came with my new RT (LC).


However, I would also like to use this device on another bike which is not a BMW.


My question is; What mount/power cradle do I need to buy?


A standard Zumo 660 mount or a BMW version bearingin mind the other bike is not canbus wired.

(I appreciate that all fancy jog wheel functions will not be available to me on the other bike)


Is this problem imaginary or real? Any constructive comment much appreciated.




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A 660/665 mount will work fine. I have a Nav V, Nav IV and 660, all of which work in the others' mounts. As you noted, some of the functionality will be lost, but the units all turn on/charge/turn off with the ignition like they should.

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