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Loud transmission.

Pete B

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I've only had my 03 r1150rt for a few months. Amazing bike, I really enjoy riding it more than any other street bike that I've owned. During the winter I ride with a full face helmet. It was in the 70's this weekend so I decided to ride with my half helmet. I noticed some transmission sounds that I didn't hear before with the full face helmet. It doesn't shift too clunky, but the transmission whines noticeably, especially in 4th gear. It has new tranny fluid (synthetic gear oil)and it has only 39,000 miles so I don't think that it is worn out yet. Is this normal? Maybe I should wear the full face helmet and turn up the radio? Thanks for any advice.

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Serious response.

Who filled the transmission?

If not you, are you sure it has oil in it.

I have know of situations where the Gearbox has been drained and then in haste to get the bike out, the refil was overlooked. That will produce a sudden increase in noise.

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good call andyS,


I thought my 4th gear was noisy too, trans has 127k (at least) and ive ignored the noise for so long I don't even hear it anymore.

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I wore earplugs when riding my R1100RT except for the occasional short run when I was doing a little testing or just moving the bike a short distance. During those non-earplug rides I couldn't help but notice that the bike was VERY noisy, especially the transmission.


Nonetheless, I would double check the gearlube level and type as suggested.

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The Getrag gearbox in our BMW's can be described as "agricultural" in nature ;).


As Andy said, check the level and you could go with 75w140 in your tranny if you like :) !



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Thanks for all of the advice.The gear oil is at the proper level. The youtube video was hilarious. I guess that I'm going to have to get used to my tractor transmission sound. I'll probably just turn up the volume on the radio.

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