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While out on a group ride yesterday the ride leader stopped every hour or so to let the group bunch up, normally just a couple of minutes waiting. If I shut the bike off at these stops it would not idle when started again. If we stopped for more than 15-20 minutes or so it would idle ok when started. Regardless of idling or not, the bike ran well at speed all the time.


I'm thinking the TPS must be causing this and was going to pull it off for a look. Can the unit be opened or is it a sealed unit? I'm thinking water may have got in at some atage.

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Evening Robin


You can pull it off for a look but you won't see anything useful.


Everything that matters is inside the sealed TPS housing.


Your problem doesn't really sound TPS related anyway as it runs good once started.


Might just be some bad gasoline, or an o2 sensor acting up until fully heated, or a spark plug fouling slightly at shutdown, or ?????


When the did the problem start? Did it start after a fuel fill up?

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Hi DT. It just wouldn't idle, if I held some throttle on it ran fine. In fact it would idle when I stopped at these short stops, just wouldn't idle when started again. When we stopped for smoko (a coffee) or lunch, it idled fine when started. Not a big deal so long as it don't get any worse :)


I fueled at my normal station before leaving and this is the first time I've seen the issue. It has needed a little throttle to get going on first start occasionally lately, but not every fresh start.



It was a pretty hot day yesterday too, over 90F

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Make sure throttle cables are fully seated at throttle body's,don't just look,wiggle them to be sure.

It does not take much to get them unseated,or for a bit of debris to get in there.


However,if as you described,it started to run better,then bad gas or partially gummed injector,or?

Maybe add some fuel injector cleaner,Techron to your tank,along with fresh gas.



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I'd have thought it'd run like a bag of shit if the sync was out? It actually runs really well, it just wouldn't idle when starting from hot. Once it cooled it idled fine when starting. As I had to throttle it a little to get it to run when hot, I figured the TPS might have an issue at off when hot.


I've never stopped it and started soon after when hot before. Be easier to ignore the whole incident :)


I've never heard of anyone getting bad fuel down here. I've heard of contaminated fuel and especially diesel but that seems to result in a stuffed engine. I ran injector cleaner late last year.

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Robin, just something to check.


I had an '06 RT that would run fine until I came to a stop, and it would die (sometimes). Drove me nuts, changed out stepper motors - no joy. Finally noticed that one of the nipples had come off the TB outlet.


Installed another nipple, bike ran perfect.


Just another data point, easy to check.

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It could be one of the idle actuators (stepper motors) might be acting up. If the throttle cables have the specified amount of play in them, then the cables will have no role in the idle. I would check all of the electrical cabling... steppers... O2 sensors, etc. Idle control is all done by computer and the computer needs to right information in order to idle the motor properly.

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Hey Tex, by TB nipple, do you mean the rubber vacuum gauge take off plug? I'll have a look, if it's cracked then the heat could cause an issue.


I do have a GS911 but it's just a USB model. I'll see if I can find a way to get it recording next run. Right now there are no major fault codes.

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Hey Tex, by TB nipple, do you mean the rubber vacuum gauge take off plug?


As Confucius say....#9 on this drawing.



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Cheers guys, I'll have a look when I can fit it into the garage.

Just picked up an old 2001 530i which needs some garage space at the moment.

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