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racks for long items


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I don't surf. Yet. But I've been seeing these surfboard racks attached to the scooters around town. Of course my immediate reaction is, wow, how can I get one of those for my 1100RS?




It occurs to me that they'd be useful (if a little dangerous) for all sorts of things you might transport by bike. 2x4s, skis, whatever. Anyone else see a long-item rack for motorbikes?


Edit - Years ago, I did see a moto mounted ski rack. They sat vertically behind the pillion seat. I figured that was a custom job. But maybe there's a chance they were sold somewhere.

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I ride regularly to shoots carrying a flintlock longrifle on the right saddlebag using bungee buddies. The rifle is 61" long.

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Interesting idea. Their website has horrible photos though, you can barely see the product. :/



I noticed the same thing - gave up trying to find a clear pic. I have seen a good number of websites like that lately, where someone has put too much into getting an *artistic* composition and completely lost the idea of actually displaying the product.

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I don't think I would want a huge wing on the side of my RT. A bicycle at low speed might not be too bad but 30+ mph speeds could be a hair raising event. (imho)



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