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Blown away by BMW parts lifetime use guarantee!!

Kevin Savage

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Kevin Savage

Okay guys, at 65 years old I'm not impressed by much anymore but, this is huge news. All BMW parts, (even gaskets and brake pads) have a lifetime unlimited replacement guarantee to the original purchaser if purchased through fcpeuro.com. Yup. that is correct.


I recently purchased a clutch slave cylinder for my 1150RT (Output Cylinder Clutch (D=24) - Genuine BMW 21522335061) along with the gasket and copper o-rings from fcpeuro.com. Their prices were heavily discounted. As an example, the clutch slave cylinder was only $156.99. Shipping was free and no tax.


Best of all, they back up every sale with a lifetime use guarantee, even normal wear parts. You can read their use guarantee on their website




I ordered the parts on Thursday evening and they arrived on the following Monday.


Yes, the website seems to be about cars, not motorcycles. the company name, fcpeuro.com, is short for Foreign Car Parts. To get the price on the genuine BMW motorcycle parts you need , copy and paste the BMW part number into the search field of the FCP website. I did that, was happy with the price quoted, and added the item to the 'Shopping Cart'. No shipping and blazing fast delivery. Cool!


Best wishes to you.


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I've bought several things for my Volvo from them... Agreed, great service. Good to know that I can get bike parts through them as well...

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In the UK there are several vendors of cheap parts for German and Swedish cars. A while ago there was a tv expose on the poor quality of the parts supplied, including brake pads that had the friction material break away from the pad. The parts were made in China but were packaged in very good fake manufacturers packaging. Ask yourself what "lifetime" actually means for items that are supposed to wear out. A strange business model if you get a free replacement every time your brake pads wore out. If it sounds too good to be true.....


Just saying...

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This is not taking about pads wearing out surely. It is talking about maybe, a brake pad that fails (ie has a warranty issue). That would be replaced.

Or, like a tyre. It will wear out. They are not saying they will guarantee it forever, they are saying that over the lifetime of that tyre, if it develops a fault, they will warranty it even if it is near the end of its service life.


I agree it is good to be cautious about such things, but let’s not slate unless there is a reason.


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This is not taking about pads wearing out surely.

One would think not, and I would certainly never return normally worn out brake pads, but they state:


Q: Does your lifetime warranty include standard wear items like brake components, filters, and wiper blades?

A: Yes, our lifetime warranty includes every product we sell including wear items.


So I'm not sure exactly what they do mean. But even ignoring wear items, a lifetime warranty could be quite valuable on something such as an ABS modulator, final drive, etc.


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Kevin Savage

Hi Guys,


just emailed fcpeuro.com for an 1150rt clutch disc. Got an email back that they do not carry M/C parts but, are an auto parts supply. Odd, they filled my original order for an 1150 clutch slave cylinder and mounting hardware within a day. Perhaps this will not be the 'parts nirvana' I thought it was.

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