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Recommendation on where to get Ohlins shocks serviced (great lakes region)?

Paul De

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Been a while since I signed on to the community, life has been busy.


Anyway I tried to search the discussion boards as this question should be one that was asked before...but it seemed that despite numerous search terms, and use of advanced search settings, I found only one entry for this question, but it was old and a bit off the mark. (2006 post but the recommendation was for the western Kyle racing).


Does any have experience with, or know of, a reliable/quality service provider for Ohlins shocks. My hope would be to have the rebuild service done in the Wisconsin / Illinois area.


'99 RT Boston Green...the fast color :/

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Kyle is the guy. I ordered the shock for the ST4 from them and I couldn't have been happier with the service. Very personal, very detail oriented. Cool Peeps.

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Paul : For future searches, you will probably get better resiults if you use Google, rather than the search engine of the forum.


site:bmwsporttouring.com ohlins service midwest

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