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Where to buy alternator belt r1100rt?


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Hi dcan I can't see where abouts in the world your from so it's a bit tricky and somewhat pointless to mention a dealer/suppliers round me. If you give some more information it might help,


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Afternoon Dcan


You bike takes a 4 pk 611 Poly-V belt-- 611mm equals about 24".


You can try your local auto parts store for a 4PK 611 or 4PK 24" ribbed belt.


Or just visit your local BMW bike dealer.


Or find a 4PK611 / Continental Contitech belt, or match that with a Gates cross reference.


E-Bay usually has Poly-V 4PK611 / Continental Contitech belts from about $15.00 up.


Or try Beemer Boneyard as they usually have the 4PK611 belts.


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