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Rear shock failure and rebuilt - post mortem


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Just to recap; the rear shock on my 1150RT dumped all its oil when I put the bike on the centre stand.

I shopped around for after-market replacements ($700 - $1600) but decided to get my shock rebuilt for $350.


I also decided that seeing as the bike would be in bits and the suspension already out that I would get a Hyperpro lowering kit fitted. This kit comprises front and rear springs that are 20mm lower than standard and cost me $400.


I also had the rear pads replaced and all fluids flushed and replaced.

I was mildly surprised when the whole invoice came to $1400. I expected to pay more, but getting all the work done at once meant that fairings and parts only had to be removed and replaced once which saved on labor costs.


First impressions when I picked up the bike was that it didn't feel that much different. I still can't flat foot both feet, but I could get one foot firmly on the ground with the other still on the right peg and foot brake. Which is how I tend to stop anyway.


The ride home along some poor surfaced roads was firmer than usual. But I don't know if that is due to the shock being re-built or the shorter springs (probably both).


I took the bike out on the weekend and rode on the freeway which has a better surface and felt no difference in the handling of the bike. I also rode in some very heavy stop start traffic and that is when I noticed that height difference. When stationary, I can comfortably put the bike in neutral and relax with both feet on the ground. I was able to let go of the bars and sit up straight while I waited for lights and the traffic to move. I also had to perform a fairly tricky reversing maneuver when I got stuck in a very narrow lane that was blocked. I did this easily, where in the past I would probably have gotten off the bike and man handled it around.


I haven't had a chance to take the bike on some fast twisty roads yet, but so far I am very happy with the way the bike feels now and much more comfortable with the height. So would recommend this solution to anyone else who suffers from duck's disease like I do.


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