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1150 spline failure (others)


1150 spline failure (others)  

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Lets see if we can get a 2nd spline failure poll going. This will be the second of two--


Only vote if YOU personally know of or have credible knowledge of a friend or co-riders spline failure.


Look for another poll on YOUR PRESONAL spline failures.


So only vote if you know someone that had a spline failure.




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Fully stripped, or a wear pattern that indicates failure is highly likely?


My RT-P's input shaft splines were significantly worn at an angle, enough so that it appears that failure was inevitable.


If you are only looking for complete, whirring noise-no-propulsion failures, I suspect you'll miss quite a bit of useful pre-complete failure data.

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Please no discussion in this thread --Any questions or concerns on the poll please PM me personally__ Thanks for your support_

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