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Moto Touring Boots for Women

Kathryn Hill

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I've been looking for a good pair of touring boots. I'm not interested in sport riding - I prefer long road trips, which means I want something comfortable for long days and something that's weatherproof.


I thought I found the perfect pair in the Aerostich Combat Touring Boots. Unfortunately, they only make them in men's sizes, and the smallest men's size available is 7.5. I wear a women's 7, which translates to a men's 5.5.


I've tried a range of boots, and they just weren't right - they were either for sportbiking/racing, cheaply made, or had f&$king flowers on them. Sidenote to women's motorcycle marketing professionals, just because I have XX chromosomes doesn't mean I want flowers, "cute" graphics, or the color pink on my gear.


So ... does anyone here have any recommendations?


Many thanks!

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I don't know if they are sold in the US, but TCX manufactures a boot named T-Lily Gore-Tex which is the women's version of their superb Explorer men's boot. This means it's a plain black riding boot in looks. This is pretty much the premium women's touring boot here in Europe, very highly praised by lady riders and magazines alike.

The Explorer is the best riding boot I've ever had, extremely comfortable on long hauls regardless of weather and 100% waterproof. Only one downside: it cannot be resoled.


One word of caution if you intend to buy online: TCX tend to have a "relaxed fit" compared to all other brands. I usually wear EUR45 boots and shoes, but my Explorers are EUR44 and they fit just right.

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These don't have flowers... :rofl:


Seriously tho - My wife wears a similar size as you. She also wanted that combat boot, but had the same problem. She has a pair of Alpinestars that she just loves. The bad news is they quit making them, so she's got duct tape all over one boot, they're so old now... I think it's the smx 2.


The good new though, is that after buying and returning a 1/2 dozen pairs, she settled on these: Alpinestars Scout WP


Hope that helps.

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I'm with you on the nopinknoflowers. While these weren't my first choice by appearance, I have found them to be my perfect boot. They are great all day, day in day out, on the road. I can highly recommend them in a fast moving busy get off.


SIDI Vertigo





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I can't tell from your photo, but you aren't Kathryn from the LA Biker list, are you?


Anyway, you might look at Bates. They will custom make boots at a reasonable price, resole and repair, et cetera. You can specify custom colors if you change your mind about the pink.




Good luck,

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I have a pair of women's Sidi, they are protective and fit well. My favorite pair is Black Rose Gaerne. They run small and are now out of production. EBay might still have the Gaerne boots.

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