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Need a Light Bulb Code


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I've often heard many here speaking highly of the Osram/Sylvania H7/H9 hybrid bulb but won't buy anything at the local Osram dealer ("robbery" well definies shop policy) and got lost on eBay among hundreds of different bulbs.

Anyone can supply the parts # so I can see if it's worth buying over the regular Nightbreakers?



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Morning Kakugo


They come under a few different names or numbers but Osram Rallye 65w 64217 Watt H-7 is one version.


Or try-- OSRAM Sylvania Off-Road 65W 12V H7 PX26d halogen lamp 64217 Made in Germany.


Or try-- Osram 64217 H7 12V 65W px26d long life SUPER BRIGHT Off-Road halogen lamp.


The 64217 seems to be the common link though.


Added: I'm not sure if they changed the bulb but the first set of Osram Rallye 65w I tried (long ago) had a very short life in my 1200RT.


I went with some different bulbs with varied results but about a year & a half ago I went with another set of the Osram Rallye 65w & that set is still going strong.




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