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Top Box Ideas.....?


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So you may remember from my last thread, I picked up a 2005 R12RT. Got the KRS mirrors on order by the way, so thanks for that advice.....


Next question is, do any of you use any thing other than a BMW top box for scooting around town? Mine came with the 49 liter monster box that would be good for the road trip but it is BIG.


I saw a picture (maybe Texas Mule....can't remember) of a Jesse pizza box on the tail rack. Anybody mount a pelican case or some other?


Looking for ideas....



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Just found the Shad thread. Some of their smaller boxes look nice! Not sure how they attach but I would want the ability to switch between a smaller one and my BMW 49 quickly and easily.


Any other ideas?

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That would be a problem because the aftermarket case will require a mounting plate which is usually a pain to mount.


Something like this, maybe?




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AFAIK, only BMW boxes will attach directly to the BMW rack, so the 29l BMW box is your only option for easy swaps. Other brands will use their own mounting plates. I thought maybe selling your 49l BMW box and buying a small SHAD & the very nice SHAD 50 might work, but they seem to use different mounts. The GIVI mount seems to be only for 46-55l cases, so no help there. Maybe you could look for a soft tail bag?


Leaving the big box in place is really not a hardship. Around town, mine is empty so there is no handling problem and I always have lockable storage for my helmet and jacket at my destination.

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Good memory Bullitt, I've got a Jesse pizza box on my '08, but it's bolted down with a homemade plate underneath. Easy to remove but not "immediate" like the BMW boxes. I also have a 28L BMW box but use it for long trips.


I agree the 49L box is HUGE especially for just around town.


Jesse doesn't make the pizza boxes any longer. Only available used. I have put pelican cases on my Tigers in the same manner as the Jesse.

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I found the BIG BMW case to heavy for my liking, I sold it and bought a Givi 45 or about half the weight and waterproof. Givi also makes a 36 that uses the same mount. No holes to drill for Givi mount...I Use a Pelican on my DL650 also a good choice..

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