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R1100R tank fuel/vent lines and filter replacement


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Getting ready to do the in-tank fuel/vent lines and filter replacement--1996. Pump plate is out of the tank and I've read the "how to" posts. Replacement Vent lines are OEM the rest are BBY flex lines and clamps. New o-rings in hand.

No obvious cracking, deterioration or other issues with what appears to be the stock lines and wiring. Sock looks good. The stock lines look good enough for another 10 years but since I've got it out I guess I will do the replacements. But it goes against my inclination--if it ain't broke......

Any pointers on the installation? Thanks

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I've recently done this job on my '96 1100RS. Despite being 19 years old all my hoses looked good too, but it only needs a very tiny hole or split for pressure to be lost from the fuel delivery system. Re-installation is straightforward, providing you marked or photographed the position of the pump plate on the tank. Be careful when inserting the float/arm as it is easily bent. In my case I had dislodged the arm out of one of the two clips in the black plastic clip when removing the float etc, resulting in contact with the wiper being intermittent because electrical contact was being made and then lost. Also, don't overtighten the pump plate screws or nuts, depending on what your bike has. I reused the original large O ring - not for the first time, despite what some say. Oh, and don't leave the pump plate out of the tank for too long if your tank is plastic. A good mechanic friend of mine reckons that the plastic tanks can distort if you do this, why may be why we get the occasional "why doesn't my tank line up with the fixings any more?" posts.

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