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New owner of 2002 R1150RT. Clutch question


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Dear Forum, I am happy to have found this venue to explore other's experiences with their bikes. I have owned 2 previous Honda PC 800s which are nice utility bikes. I ride mostly to commute and run errands. This 1150RT is a nice upgrade in ride and comfort.


I do not know a lot about BMWs and found this 2002 on Craigs List. I didn't have it checked out before I bought it other than taking it for a test ride which went fine. I have since read some disparaging remarks on here about 2002 model. It has only 26,000 miles on it.


The other day on my way home from work (23 miles, mostly freeway) it was warm out, maybe 80 degrees. When I got off the freeway and rode through the local streets I noticed a slight knocking noise when I pulled in the clutch lever. I have been listening for this noise and it only occurs on a warm afternoon not in the cooler mornings.


Has anyone had this occur with them? Any ideas what it can be? Thanks!



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I have the same bike, since new. I am not sure what noise you are referring to.....Does it do it in nuetral with the clutch out? At idle only, or higher speeds? In gear....If so, does it matter which gear?


It could be the timing chain tensioner, or the normal clutch rattle, maybe a couple of other things.


But, welcome. And tell us more....

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