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49L Topcase Lock Removal Video - Tri750

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Stored here for posterity


I just put on YouTube after a couple of requests,


I worked at a dealership for 15 years and one of the jobs no one wanted was rekeying locks.

When the new RT came out, one of the first jobs I was faced with was removing the cylinder. I did the disassembly once in total disbelief.

I then made the BMW "bent piece of wire" tool as suggested in the bulletin. Silly.


I reverted to modifying my "System case" tool and my technique.

The lock wafer on the newer than System cases only has 3 sides, think of a 3 sided rectangle. The missing side was to make the cylinder non-removable to add another layer of security.

The video exaggerates the movements to show the depth the tool has to be inserted and the motions.

I'm left handed, and mid video, I decided I better show how a right handed person would twist the tool.

Once the cylinder is removed, wafers can be swapped to fit your key, or if the cylinder was ordered by VIN, the wafers are pinned in and ideally a new cylinder should be used.

5125 7696 204.

One can adapt a pinned cylinder to work but you can get bad results doing this "commando method" so I won't be the one telling you how to do it. Just spend the money on a new cylinder.

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