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Throttle Body Rebuild kit from Dan Cata


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Throttle bodies (TBs) on R1100/R1150 bikes wear with mileage. The shaft that holds the throttle plate wears away at the bushing. This will cause a noticeable rattle at idle and it will also cause an air leak. The air leak will make it difficult to sync your throttles.


Fortunately, Dan Cata a fellow rider, makes a rebuild kit for this.




The kit is made for left or right throttle body, each sold separately. The kit consists of a new shaft, bushings, shaft O-rings and replacement O-rings for the air tube and big brass screw.


A riding buddy of mine has an RS with 121K miles; my RT has 126K miles. We ordered kits from Dan (he is located in Romania) which were shipped and arrived quickly. The installation is straight forward and should take about an hour for each throttle body. We completed his TBs a couple of weeks ago and mine yesterday.


The product page on Dan's site has a link to the forum thread on ADV Rider where he has a photo layout with step by step instructions. Our problem with these instructions is that they picture an early TB with the pulley held in place by a nut, where both of our bike TBs were pressed onto the shaft so removal of the pulley from the shaft was different from the instructions. It would be much easier if Dan would take the step by step instructions and photos and copy them to a separate document which he could then update and keep current. The thread on ADV Rider goes multiple pages and you would have to read through all of the postings to see all of the latest comments and responses. Dan does respond promptly to direct email inquiries.


We used a heat gun when removing the old bushes from the TB. With some heat applied the old bushes tapped out easily following the instructions; without heat the bushes were stubborn. The pulley pressed on the original shaft was tight and hard to remove on my friend's RS, he drilled the shaft at the tip which made it easier to drive out. My RT's shaft was loose on the pulley and tapped out of the pulley with no heat, no effort at all. Dan supplies new screws for the throttle plate with nuts. He suggests staking the ends of the screws to prevent the nuts from loosening. We used purple thread-locker which doesn't require heat to remove and is made to withstand solvents like gasoline.


When done, the TBs were quiet and TB sync was much easier to perform since the TBs responded to adjustments at the big brass screw which they didn't before.


The kits were $60 for each individual throttle body. Shipping is quoted by Dan based on where you are located (shipped from Romania). He also offers to install the rebuild for you if you ship your TB to him - that is $70 instead of $60 (plus shipping). If your R11 bike is closing on 100k miles, noisy at idle or difficult to sync, this is a worthwhile repair.

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Just a note of caution ... the later models 1150 MAY have a different style of shaft to cam(?) connection ... my '04 definitely does. I bought one of Dan's kits to rebuild my right TB and had to do some fairly serious modifications to get it to work. The manufacturer sells rebuild kits (I've not seen one but have read about it on this forum) for the 1150 throttle bodies and if I ever face the issue again, I'll go that way.

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