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GuardConcept GoPro Mount


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I am fortunate enough to be able to test out a new GoPro mounting system made by Kai Bruder at GuardConcept (https://www.facebook.com/guardconcept.de). It's to be sold through Wunderlich. Installation took all of 10 minutes. The hardest part was getting my hex driver from under the seat. There are three hex bolts that are exchanged with the OEM originals. I'll post up video of it in use tomorrow after the lightning stops. Until then, here are some pictures of it mounted.






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Psst...Mike put the camera back in the case before you go out. ;)


Kidding but a little story. A few years back I went snorkeling with some buddies down in Key West. Guy had his new Gopro and we were doing all kinds of stupid pet tricks in the water. We get back to shore and he informs us that he forgot to put the memory card in the camera! :P



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I spoke with Kai today. The RT mount is in planning stages. He is going to his local BMW dealer to have a look at an RT and then come back with ideas. His concern is that RT riders may not like a permanently mounted camera mount. He is quite open to suggestions/ideas and will readily answer any questions you have.

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Blind Squirrel

Maybe use the two lower winshield screws as a mounting point for some sort of cross bar. It would be out of the rider sight line and easy to mount/dismount (two screws).



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Anyone else having trouble viewing the video? Can't get it to play for some reason.


I just get the default Flickr home screen. I'm not a member of Flickr, don't know if that matters.


I know with PhotoBucket, I have to set the security such that others can see my pics.

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