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REVIT Ignition 2 Jacket and REVIT Gear 2 pants


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Hello All,


II thought I would share my experience with this jacket/pants combo as I have been using them for about two years now. I live in Los Angeles, so I didn't need to cover a very wide range of temperatures. However, I have taken this combo with me into Europe and rode used it there in a wider range of temperatures. I ride nearly everyday and the jacket is always on me when I ride. The pants are only used on longer tours like Death Valley Days, or North Meets South, or other long day trips around LA. I won't go into too too much detail because you can get that from places like Revzilla. I tried everything on at a local store and purchased them at that store called Beach Moto in Venice, CA


First off, this is a Dutch brand and their stuff is DESIGNED in Holland, but manufactured in CHINA. That said, the build quality of both the jacket and the pants is very robust and I have had no serious issues with either in the years I have used them.


JACKET - Ignition 2 - This is leather and mesh combo jacket with a full rain/wind breaker liner called a hydratex membrane and a thermal vest as well. The zipper on the jacket is a little tricky and I have had it not seat correctly into the socket at the bottom of the zipper causing the zipper to split from the bottom up. I have since mastered the technique and this does not happen any more... but it is still tricky sometimes. I have another jacket that has a zipper with bigger teeth and it NEVER has this problem. The fit is also tricky because the jacket fits considerably different with the liners in or out. I fitted mine with all the liners in, so it can be a little loose without the liners in. The jacket has body armor on the shoulders, forearms and it has a thin spine pad that can be exchanged with a thicker one. All the inserts are held in with velcro. The vest is perfect for temps around 70 when wind can make you a little chilly. It has 2 pockets in addition to the 2 that the jacket has and you can tell there is some good thought put into the engineering of how it attaches to the jacket. The hydratex works perfect for rain. I rode in rain for about 6 days in Europe and remained dry. I did have to use another long sleeve thermal layer because it got too cold for the vest and hydratex to handle alone. But this is not a winter suit, it is a spring, summer and fall suit.


PANTS - Gear 2 - The pants are also a leather mesh combo and have a removable hydratex membrane also. The suite has a very good, strong hook for the waist along with a snap button and it has extra adjustments on the hips to let the pants in or out. There are knee pads and some foam padding on the hip areas. The pants fit OVER your riding boot as opposed to fitting inside of them. When I do long trips that can involve wide temps like 30's to 80's, I take some leg thermals because, as I mentioned, this is not winter gear, but with some extra layers it works fine. The hydratex membrane on the pants is excellent and held in very securely with zippers. It does take a few minutes to do the zippers; 1 all around the waist and 1 at the bottom of each pant leg. The membrane also acts as an excellent wind breaker and I don't find it too uncomfortable with my skin is touching it directly. The knee pads have three positions and you will want to spend time dialing them in because when you are on the bike for hours, the position of the pads makes for a comfortable or uncomfortable ride.


Overall, I am very pleased with this suit. The two can zip up together to make a well sealed rain suit. The pants and jacket each have two zippers to do this, one zipper only holds the rear part together and another zipper in case you want to zip all the way around the waist. The combo is expensive, but I can say that it is worth it and I have used them often enough to say that the build quality is consummate to the price.

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Anyone else have any experience with the Ignition 2?


Mod Edit: :wave: - This forum is for reviews. This thread is this riders review. Please post your question in Bike Related. Thanks much!

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Good review, and I can report I'm also a happy Rev'it customer. My Poseidon suit now has a year of service and I'm still impressed. Quality gear is worth the price, IMHO.

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