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Dane Bike Clothing


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Guest Kakugo

Just wanted to give this Dutch brand a big thumbs up.


Last year I saw their stand at the Milan Bike Show. Stopped for a while to talk with them and they let me try on some of the clothing they had there.

I was mightily impressed by the overall quality of their products and their professionalism, so later I ordered a Nordborg jacket and Lyngby trousers straight from them. The sizing chart they supplied was absolutely spot on and the goods arrived in just two working days straight from The Netherlands.

I have been using them through pretty much any weather condition, including a very very wet day in Provence under buckets of icy water, and I can honestly say it's a mystery why this brand is not more widespread. probably because it's too conservatively styled, but I like that.

Premium materials, and the fit is spot on. Gore-Tex Pro Shell is well worth the price.


Now I am in need of pair of waterproof gloves. Dropped them an email to check sizing and got a reply in a working day. Since the nearest Dane dealer is about 400km away, I went on eBay and ordered from there (found a very good offer from Germany). They should be here on Friday.


The only question mark now is how long these items will hold up under intense use...

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