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'14 RT Prices Post Fix


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I live in Central Texas and took a chance at trying to find a returned '14 model due to the recall. I found one with 736 miles, and because BMW N.A. still classified it as a "new" bike but with a "branded" title, the dealer took $5,000 off the MSRP. I considered this a good deal as the bike with a redesigned shock is now better than it was new. I'm moving from an '06 RT, and love the new upgrades on the '14.

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Mike the Ghoul

Got it!! Picked it up Friday afternoon. Dealer is about 300 miles from my house. It was raining and 50*. Rode about 120 miles and stayed overnight there with my wife. fantastic ride. This morning rode the rest of the way home, stopping for a soccer game of my great nephew. Again, it was awesome. Again, pretty cool and raining all day.


The seat cramped my legs some in the low position so I am using the high position, but it is a bit tall for me at stops. I am 5'8 with a 30" inseam. I had it set for two helmets without the wife and it felt a bit stiff. When she was on it was perfect. I think the stock windshield is better for me than the aftermarket I had on my 1999. quieter and more clean air in the low position. And I think I got less wet overall than on the old bike. Seating position is perfect for me. But not so sure about the seat itself. Now to make a farkle list.


Oh and on the money. The dealer said he applied the 800 from BMMW to it, and I still got the Nav unit. I paid 19,950 for a bike that listed for 21,345. I'm happy.



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I'm looking at a 2014 RTW with all the options, dealer quote is 21,395 plus the free GPS and an $800 rebate. It is a grey matte one and that matte finish scares me, can't buff out scratches or rub a dirty spot too hard without creating a shiny spot, is what I here.

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