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First ever BMW 1150RT trip (story)


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Gotta start this off with a little back ground on my biking history. Road dirt bikes back in the 70's. Last time I rode those was about 1977. Got out of biking until 2001, bought a new Harley Road King. Riding it the first time was a little awkward to say the least, but it all came back pretty fast. Put 10,000 miles on the Harley in 2 years, had alot of fun, even rode some twistys, love those twistys!!!

There's been a part of me that's been eye balling the beemers. It first started last year while on a dual sport rally in Ark. A friend hauled my KTM and that enabled my wife and I to drive her BMW 325ci in Ark. Now for the few a you riders that haven't got a chance to ride Ark. yet.... this state is awsome when it comes to twistys. The rodes there are so twisted, that it will take a 100 years to wreak them by making them straight. By then.... well that's another story. Anyway this BMW car (automatic, but with a manual shift mode) is great. Two of my buddies (Honda Val.) needed to go from Hardy Ar. to Russellville Ar. It was BMW vrs. Honda, and the last thing they said was don't hold us up. That was the funest trip ever in a car. With the top down it almost was like a bike, except the 4 air bags yep.

I used the manual shift mode right off the bat. The Beemer clearly out cornered the Honda's. With the in-line up or down shifting it felt like a formula 1 car,you rarely even needed to use the brakes. We stopped to gas up and I asked the guys what they thought of all the senic overlooks along

the way, and they said "what view", We were only eye balling your center brake light, because man when it came on it meant brake hard and down shift. When we got to Russellville we were all cheering. I can't speak for my wife as a don't think she could look up and just graded school papers instead. After that day I started thinking hummmm... I wonder what the Bmw bikes are like??? Well it only took 2 trips to Gina's BMW in Iowa City IA. and I had a new 03 1150 RT.

This brings us to the 1st trip. This 1st trip is really a trip to put on 600 miles by 3-26-03 for the check up. I've been busy at work and the weather has been bad, and one of my friends and I are leaving 3-28-03 for a 2500 mile trip from Iowa thru Mi, Ar.,Tx.,La.,and back north to Iowa. As of 3-21-03 I had 52 miles on my bike. This is not good, I needed to get that 600 mile service done. I was even thinking of hiring one of my buddies to put some miles on

it. Hey they even said they would do it for free. I wanted to break this new bike in myself and besides it's just not right to do other wise. So saturday morning (3-22-03) Ed and I and our wives were going to Saint Louis to the Super Cross together. My wife dosn't like riding long distances, so I rode solo and pulled up and waved to her once in a while. The electric wind shield is great, the Elf pegs are a must, the BIG Mac tank bag is neat, didn't even mess with the radio for 180 miles cause there was so much other stuff to do. Problem was it was mostly the big slab to Saint Louis. Went to the races (first time) pretty cool, thought you needed wings to fly that far!!

Sunday morning, the ride home. I told Ed and my wife that I was taking the senic route home, you know the ones with all the dots on the map and hopfully some twisty stuff, yea yea. Off I went.Man the RT is soooo much different than my Road King. First of all this bike wants to go fast. Secondly it likes to turn and turn some more,yea yea. Thirdly it likes to stop and stop fast and I really really like that (good for the health you know). I'm still getting the feel of things but you can tell its going to be a fun journey learning. Stopped in a little historic town Clarksville Mo. and chated with a guy in a wood chair making shop. I'm into woodworking by trade and while there he showed me something I didn't know how to do , to steam and bend wood. Remember its the journey.... Sunday was a perfect day, about 55 to 60 degrees and sunny. Just a ton of bikes out, mostly Harleys. This triggers a past ride on my Harley. I was in Va. heading south to NC., been riding all day and it was about 9:00 at night, on an interstate doin about 65mph, fairly heavy traffic and I see a couple

of bikes approching from the rear. They passed me and I thought I'm going to jump in behind them and make better time. Well I got up to 80 and they were still pulling away, soooo I didn't jump out as I never really was jumped in. Back to sunday, (sorry about all the hoppin around, must think its like a soap opera, but I'm a typen just what I'm a thinkin.)Sunday sunday this was my chance, all those Harleys ummmm well you guessed it, I must of passed 25 of those guys, and it was fun. Made it home and have 559 miles on by RT. The trip to Gina's will put it at aprox 630 miles. Can't wait for this coming fridays 2500 mile trip down south. Thinkin about stopping at the Dogwood Trail rally near Vicksburg Ms. on April 4-6th on the return route. My buddie has a Harley and don't know how that would go over?? Do you guys like readin stories like this? I do, and even like writing them. Can you tell I like the sport of motorcycling! Hooked on two wheels, provided its got a motor bolted on some where.


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The short answer is, yeah, we love reading stories like this! Your enthusiasm for the new mount really comes through in your first ride report!


Ride safely,

Steve in So Cal

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Do you guys like readin stories like this? I do, and even like writing them. Can you tell I like the sport of motorcycling! Hooked on two wheels, provided its got a motor bolted on some where.


I like readin 'em! So -- keep 'em coming! Just did almost 500 miles today and I feel your (pain? No that's not the right word...wait a minute, it'll come to me...)


Saw mostly Harleys and BMWs...different bikes, for sure, but everybody was having a good time!

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I like these stories very much also. The longer the better...


Craig, have you thought about Torrey UT yet? Eureka Springs Arkansas? Your enthusiasm for the RT will reach new heights when you ride with the others that love these machines.


I'm gonna look for you in Torrey in May. You better be there! grin.gif

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Nice story, Craig! Enthusiasm is contagious. I intended to ride on Saturday and got too tied up with some client work. Then Sunday I intended to ride and did some work on the bikes instead. On well. frown.gif


BTW, I posted a little more info on the helmet camera for you in the Gear and Accessories forum. You'll see how nice the weather was!

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BTW, I posted a little more info on the helmet camera for you in the Gear and Accessories forum. You'll see how nice the weather was!


Craig, great report. I wish I would be in town when you where heading south I'd like to tag along, but I'll be Mini Vanning with the familiy. Have fun and maybe next time you want to run some Arkansas black top PM or e-mail me and we will go Hoon at the Moon. smile.gif


David, a helmet Cam? You're kidding right? I'm definetly affraid of you! smile.gif


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Most of us love the stories. I especially like the stories with pictures!!! Take your camera along next time, write another good story and attach some evidence grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif I'm 8,000 miles detached from my ride, so I love to read these stories. Look forward to reading your next ride tale.

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