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Air Flow

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I worked out most of the issues I had transitioning from the RT to the GT. There is one area where I still require counsel. Early on I installed a Ztechnik (Z2213)windscreen to improve airflow during highway travel. At 6'3 it hasn't helped very much. That said, I see a few deflectors (for lack of the appropriate term) that either screw on or are held via suction cups. Calling Ztechnik to isolate the best deflector option went no where. Has anyone had experience with these add-on defector/screens if so I would appreciate any lessons learned...as always thx

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Johnny Jetson


Can't answer WRT deflectors, but I changed my shield to a Cee Baily about 2" taller than stock, and it's more than enough protetion. The flip-lip works great -- I run the shield below my chin-level and get no buffetting below 80. Above that, I move it up an inch or two at most.


You are 3 inches taller than me, but CeeB's shows up to 8" higher on their order page.


Mine was $150 or so, looks like it's $10/inch on taller shields.


Good luck,


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Taller than you.


Stock GT screen has a flip at the top.

Too much buffeting normally for me.


ZTech short screen.

Plenty of air, lwest weather protection.

Looks great feels like a mc.


Stock RS screen, shorter than GT w/out the flip.

Decent airflow, not as much buffeting.

Was my default trip screen.


Aeroflow Sport.

Plenty of weather protection.

A bit too much in hot weather around here.


So, I added a laminar lip to the stock GT screen.

Put a fan on saw horse rig at screen level.

Taped tell tales to the stock screen and saw how windflow moved as I adjusted scree,

Put laminr lip in place by hand and saw changes in windflow (tell tales).

Put laminar lip in place.


Have used that for past few trips and haven't changed it yet.

Works well, reduction in buffeting, enouhg airflow in hot weather.


I'd be cautious with adding too much height.

I saw at least 3-4 GT's w/broken support arms casuedIMO, by

CeeB's ++ screens.


For me, the laminar lip has been worth the investment.


If I change it will be to use the short ZTech in hot weather, but so far...

best wishes.

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The LL is probably as good an add on as exists. To me, its about lke adding 1 1/2" on many screens- haven't tested it on flip ups though.


I find screens overly wide to be very annoying in hot weather. I've got what I think is a CeeBailey on a wedge GT- would narrow it by a full inch on each side- interferes with my view to the mirrors at its current width.

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LL acquired. Once again - thank you gentlemen

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