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BMW MOA Trackday/School @ Virginia International Raceway w/ Cornerspeed

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Cornerspeed®: The Official School and Track Day Provider of Virginia International Raceway since 1999


Cornerspeed is hosting BMW MOA at VIR on the South Course on Monday, Sept. 15th, 2014! Special rates for MOA members to take the full accredited Cornerspeed Riderschool. Come ride the exciting 1.65-mile South Course and experience VIR's own mini corkscrew! Students will have all day classroom and on-track instruction with Cornerspeed Instructors.


Complete Info on this event


About the school


Here's nice chance for you east coasters to ride VIR and get some classroom instruction at a discounted price. If you already do trackdays and don't want the instruction part you can do that too.

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Reg Pridmore and CLASS also doing VIR this October.


So by popular demand, we have tentatively reserved two fall dates at this track - Monday and Tuesday Oct 20 & 21. Now we need to hear from you. We have made some really nice two-day price incentives but it's super important you act now. If you enroll in our VIR CLASS by June 30th, the two day discount is $175! If you attended last week, you already know yours is even a little sweeter. But there's not much time!


If we get the response we're hoping for, we'll confirm with VIR management and start charging deposits and emailing confirmations. If you were at CLASS last week, you may send an email, otherwise we would ask that you fill out the registration form so our info is current. We will not charge a dime until the dates are confirmed.


So what do you think? Help make it a great fall with CLASS at Virginia International Raceway. Questions? We're in the office and glad to talk with you.




Reg & Gigi




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