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GT Changing headlight bulbs.


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I've got a couple Piaa bulbs on the way, and I thought I'd ask if anyone has any tips on replacing the stock ones with these on my 04 GT.

I read the manual, but does that ever look tight in there !

Thans, Doug

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Unless you have very small hands, now is the time to become familiar with the body work. Pull the front fairing and pull the headlight out. Remember to remove the parking light from the bottom before trying to pull the headlight.

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2000 K1200LT

Recently the needle my gas gauge quit going down more than half way and the yellow low tank indicator isn't being lit when my tank is close to empty. However on filling up the needle does go to full and the yellow light still goes on when I start the bike. Any ideas on what he problem is or how to fix it...short of taking it to the dealer?

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I did it without undoing the front clip.

Bike on centerstand, cock handlebar to the right for clearance.

Work will be done from the left side of the bike.


Remove the left air deflector (two visable torx screws), and the plastic piece under the deflector, two more torx screws.

Pop the retaining clip for the back of the headlight ass'y.

And now the fun part!


Snake the cover toward you so it is in a position to be sorta slid though the the triangle of the steering head frame and the frame for the fairing support. Ya sorta have to get the cover parallel to the ground by getting the side closest to you and up in the open area front left, you'll see it!


This is what stumped me, I was hoping the cover would just slide out of the area without force, but a little, not a lot will be needed to get the cover out of it's cage!


Now that I competely confused myself, good luck!

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Hi Doug, Where to you order and what size/type/model number PiAA bulb does your bike take? Where can I find out which bulb to get for a K1200LT?

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Embarassingly I'm not sure, I called Sierra BMW (775)355-0655 , who were very knowledgeable and courteous to deal with.

I told them that I wanted the maximum lighting that was barely legal, that wouldn't overstress the electrical system, or melt anything !

He recommended two different Piaa models,and I said "I'll take 'em".

I'd give them a call, and thanks everybody for the feedback,too. Doug

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