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Dino vs. synthetic


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In previous cars, bikes, and boat motors, I have always waited to use synthetic oil until sure that the motors were completely "seated".


When I bought the R1100RT, the dealer rebuilt the top end as part of the purchase (only 36K miles on it). Evidently the previous owner had oil consumption issues.


Now that I have put approximately 6000 miles on the new top end, do you think it is fully "seated" at this point? There doesn't seem to be much if any oil consumption anymore.


The engine oil has been changed twice, both times with non-syn BMW 20w-50w oil. Do you guys prefer synthetic?


What happens if a motor is run on synthetic and later you want to switch back to non-syn? Are there engine issues in this type of scenario?



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Does anuone here have any opinion on Mobil 1 20/50 V-Twin Synthetic? It does have the SH rating.


That is what I'm using. I found, somewhere on the web, a pretty extensive study of motorcycle oils published by Amsoil. (you could probably Google it up.) To noone's surprise, Amsoil ranked first overall, Mobil 1 V-Twin placed second. Being naturally suspicious I chose the "best" one not made by the publisher of the study.



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The engine oil has been changed twice, both times with non-syn BMW 20w-50w oil. Do you guys prefer synthetic?


I use Bel-Ray EXL 20W-50 dino oil; have been since 1991 and will continue doing so. I don't see any point to using synthetics as I'm not starting my motorcycles at temperatures far below freezing.


Synthetics have other advantages, but I don't see too many people running 10,000+ miles between oil changes. As for claiming lower friction, is anyone getting 10 extra MPG using a snthetic? I highly doubt it.


I use a synthetic in my car. It gets started at extremely low temperatures and I feel better about running the full recommended oil change interval with it.

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I have been using Mobil 20-50 now for the last 30K. I change all my fluids every 6K along with a regular service. So far i have had no problems & the bike seems to run just fine. Been in below freezing temps & over 100 degrees. (all where i live!) The only thing I do not like is the cost & I can only get it at Auto Zone. On vacation i am usually screwed!

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