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Works vs Ohlins


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I finally saw a feature on the Works shocks, called ARS, that is a feature that lets you switch from single to rider + passenger and luggage with one lever motion (kinda like the FJR). Anyone out there with Works shocks with this feature? Does it work well? How do they compare to Ohlins?

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I have a set of Works shocks with the ARS feature, so does Russell I think. I happen to like it quite a bit, provides three instant (and repeatable) preload adjustments rather than having to crank on a hydraulic adjuster. Plus it also incorporates a dual-spring arrangement so you can have a softer ride when lightly loaded (if you set it up that way.)


As far as performance compared to the Ohlins, can't say, don't have enough time on an Ohlins-equipped bike. I believe all of the top-tier aftermarket shock products to be pretty similar in this regard, though.

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I've had the Works Performance ARS dual-spring shocks on my bike for 70,000 miles (one rebuild at 35K, now due for another). I haven't owned Ohlins, but I've ridden plenty of them.


The ARS is marvelous. No guessing how many turns to give the hydraulic preloader. Just turn the collar and it's done.


As for ride, I like the highway ride of the Works better than that of the Ohlins. In the twisties, I'd call them even, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Ohlins by a whisker. However, when I compared them back-to-back in the twisties I was comparing Ohlins with 1200 miles on them to my Works with 30K on them, so they're probably equal. However, when I factor in the cost, it's Works Performance in a landlside.

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