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Bagster seats anyone


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Saw and sat on the Bagster Comfort gel seat that was on a 04 KRS at the Cleveland Moto show this weekend. Look like a well made seat.

The rise for the pilion was much more toward the front than my stock comfort seat, so it supported the butt.

Anyone have one of these?



Their tank bag system was impressive also.

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I don't have a Bagster Gel seat but I do have a custom made gel seat from a UK supplier. It looks good and works well for me BUT (there's always a but with seats grin.gif) the gel holds heat or cold. Leave the seat unshaded on a sunny day and you have a heated seat when you don't want it, leave the seat out in the cold and its like sitting on a block of ice. This time of year I take my seat inthe house and leave it over a radiator which warms up the gel. This keeps my rear warm for my fifteen minute commute. During the day I stow it under my desk so it is at least comfortable on the way home.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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Thanks Andy, and congrats!

Had not thought about the temperature retaining aspect of the gel.

On a cold day warm it up in the oven, since I don't have a heated seat!!!!!

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