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Hi all. I am a newbie to this list, but not a new rider. I own a 2003 R1200C Montana, and have put 11,500 miles on it in 2 years (one very long solo trip each year, plus miscellaneous solo rides and commuting).


I am seduced by the new R12RT, and thinking of making the move. The fairing will provide much better weather protection than the Montana, the weight is actually lower than my Cruiser, and the heated seat option will warm my butt in cold weather.


Has anyone else made the move from an R12C to the R12RT? How did you find the shift? I should note that I am about 5'6, 29 inch inseam, and cannot quite flat-foot with the low seat option. Does anyone else have this issue, and if so how does that affect you for urban riding?


Thanks to all for reading this post.




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had an '03 montana and traded for an '04 1150RT, for many of the same reasons you mentioned. was on the RT for 30 sec's and knew i was getting it. from what i hear the 1200RT is different/better in many respects. bottomline...you won't regret it. also, i have a 30" inseam and can't quite flat foot the '04, but have nto had any problems related ot that.

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I moved from a 2000 R1200C Montana to the R1200RT. I am 5'9" and have a 29" inseam. I got the low seat option on the RT because of my short legs. I can't flat foot the RT, but I am on the balls of my feet. At stops, I usually balance with my left foot flat on the ground and my right foot on the brake, as I was taught in the MSF class.


You will not regret the move to the RT. The R1200RT is a fantastic bike! It has more torque, more overall power, better weather protection and better fuel economy that the R1200C.


The riding position is different than the cruiser, but not something that you cannot become accustomed to. I did not have the backrest on my cruiser and my back suffered on long rides. On the RT, I don't seem to have any back discomfort and I have ridden it for 150 miles without stopping several times.


The fuel tank on the RT will also give you a lot more range and the saddle bags hold more, as well.

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I think my friend Ron and I rode with you to the covered bridges at the BMWMOA rally in Lima last July. I had the red RT and he had the ivory C. You had the gray R1200C with the burgundy seat, right?


The RT is a great bike! It is fun for either for long touring rides or short trips around town.



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Yes, Bill, that is me! What a great pleasure to "speak" with you again!! We had a great covered bridge ride, and I have pictures of all three of us on my computer.


These three posts are pretty much convincing me to make the move. I will be in Vermont at the MOA, but now I believe I will be there in my RT.


Are you and Ron riding up? I think you are non-slab fans like me -- maybe when you get up to Maryland I can tag along with you! I have great routes already planned out.

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I am exactly your size and inseam and ride the RT with the BMW low seat no problem. But you can get a very comfy wunderlich low seat (which I have on my GS) that is even lower. And if you really want to go low, u can put a Wilber suspension on and go up to 3" lower, but I doubt you''d need it with the Wunderlich seat.

I think there would be a world of difference handling wise between the cruiser and the RT> I test rode the 1200CLC several times and found the steering very heavy. The RT by comparision would be very light, neutral and responsive. You cant go wrong by moving to the RT. There is a world of difference between the 1150 and 1200RTs though, so test drive both if u care considering an 1150. I think the 1200RT is one of the best motorcycles Ive ever ridden.

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We are trailering to VT with another friend who has a Honda 1300ST. We don't have the vacation time to spare for the ride, so we are going the quick way on the superslab.


We hope to do some covered bridge rides in VT. We should try to get together. I'll send you a personal message closer to the rally time.


I would recommend a top case for the RT when you purchase it. I got the dealer to include the small top case when I purchased mine. You may want the large top case with the backrest, if you ride passengers.


I ride solo, so the small top case works fine for me.


Be sure to post a photo when you buy your new bike!

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I also have an '03 Montana that my wife and I enjoy tremendously (the oversized backrest, passenger floorboards, and Mayer seats have maximized the comfort) and she has given me the OK to get a new bike (being the very cool lady that she is she insists I keep the cruiser, who am I to argue?). If I could flat foot the RT I would have bought it already. I'm working up the nerve to buy it and have some Wilber's installed before I take delivery. I haven't seen a Wunderlich seat, that also sounds promising. I am somewhat hesitant about buying the bike and hoping that I feel comfortable on it once it's lowered. I thoroughly enjoyed riding it when I did the test ride, it was the stopping and standing I didn't like. The feedback I've gotten from those that have done the lowering thing has been very positive so it looks like it will happen. My wife says it would be a nice birthday present for my 50th in April (ya gotta love a woman who says things like that!)

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I just bought an 05 R12RT 2 months ago. I am 5'7" with a 30" inseam. When am stopped I am on my tip toes. I usually plant my left foot and put my right foot on the peg. It would be great to lower my seat but I don't have that option. I only have two seat positions, medium/high. The bike is an awesome machine and I am sure I will get used to it. So go get you one. Anyone one know if I can get the lower option and use my stock seat? Good luck.

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Thanks to all for these excellent postings -- the forum is obviously a pro-active and caring one.


I've gone and done it. I just ordered my new RT from BMW of San Jose (low seat, heated seats/grips, ESA, radio prep kit). A little far from Maryland, you might say? Yes! I will fly there to pick up my bike in early May, do enough touring of areas around Big Sur to get through the break-in service, then head to Las Vegas where I will take my own new bike on an Edelweiss tour of the Grand Canyon. Then I will ship it home (shipping cost is much less than the Edelweiss savings from using one's own bike!) in late May. And I'll be going to Vermont two up with my bride of 34 years in July.


Maybe I can see some California forum members in May!


Meanwhile, I am selling my beautiful '03 R1200 C Montana. It is Flashtone color, with Canyon Brown (some call it Canyon Red) comfort seat and matching saddle bags. It has 11,500 miles, has never been down or dropped, and has been meticulously maintained at Bob's BMW. I have added custom-fitted Motolights (caliper mounted -- brushed chrome matches the forks perfectly) and an RCU luggage rack made expressly for the Montana. The bike is still under manufacturer's bumper-to-bumper warranty until March 8, 2006 [and Bob's will gladly sell an extended warranty going way beyond that date...]. Everything works, nothing is broken, no scratches, chrome gleams, etc. Just in case anyone knows anyone who wants a cruiser....


I look forward to participating actively in this forum, especially after I have taken delivery of and toured with my RT.

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New question for you all who have switched from a Cruiser.


I've ordered my R12RT and am very excited -- it will be a "fly and ride" from San Jose CA in May. My local dealer (Battley's Cycle in Gaithersburg, MD) was kind enough to give me a test ride on their R12RT even though they knew I had bought elsewhere. The bike feels much more agile and easy to ride than the Cruiser!


My question is about the foot position, which is markedly different from the Cruiser. Feet are pointed more downward, less flat like in the Cruiser. How long does it take to get used to the new pedal position? Is it ultimately more comfortable than the C's position for long rides?


Thanks in advance,


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I thought that, now that I've got 1500 miles on my new RT, I could complete these reflections -- they may help any other Cruiser riders thinking of making the switch.


The RT handles WAY better than the Cruiser, gets better gas mileage, and is more powerful. The built-in bags and top case are much more spacious, and the bike is well set up for long distance touring. The heated passenger seat, the ESA, and the on-board computer have quickly become items I would never want to do without.


The only downside is that, at 5'6" and with a 29" inseam, I had to customize the RT a bit (bar-backs, lowered footpegs), while the Cruiser with the low seat fit me fine. This took some experimenting. But now I think the RT is a "keeper" -- a bike I love to ride. grin.gif

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