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KBC helmets


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Does anyone have any real life info on KBC? I looked at the flip front yesterday and it looked like a better product than the Nolan or the HJC.


I really miss having a flipper.




Rob Lessen

Arma, KS

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rob, i have a HJC flip helmet. yes the KBC does seem nicer. however the KBC lacks some padding in the upper forehead area. with my narrow head<not mind> it tends to be uncomfortable.

i tried a Shueberth on friday,and to me, the neck roll padding seems too tight and restricted head turns. but the quality surpassed any other helmet so far.

just my opinion! thumbsup.gif

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I have a KBC , like it alot, fits and feels better than the fulmer i had, it was tight at first but the dealer said it would break in and fit to my head, i think you will like KBC thumbsup.gif

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My son has a KBC motocross helmet. Same price range as my HJC motocross helmet, but better fit and finish, with a much nicer liner - it's a winner.

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I have the KBC flip front. I think it's a good summer helmet as it seems to let more air in around the chin area. It may be cold in winter riding conditions, but I have not tried it.

The visor has a little distortion, but not unbearable. The visor also does not seal very well at the top, so some water tends to run down the inside in a rain, this is irritating. Maybe something is wrong with my particular helmet.


I also have the Nolan N100 and I usually choose it if there is any doubt about the weather or if it's cold. I'm not sure I would buy the KBC again. I may try the latest Nolan.

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I have a KBC flip front, Freeze model, which I like a lot. The venting is good (it has a push down vent thingie on the top that seems to improve air flow) and the fit is good for my head,tight, but that's good IMHO. It's noisier than my HJC C-14, but all modulars are, I'm told, and with the windshield up a couple of inches, the noise goes away. Don't know about leaks, as I haven't used it in the rain. The seal seems tight however.

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