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Rev'It Poseidon Gear


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OK, finally got a chance to ride in my new Rev’It Poseidon gear. The fit is almost perfect on me, the jacket fits exactly as it should. With the liner in I think there is room for my Gerbing’s as well, but didn’t try or need it today. The pants don’t fit as well as the jacket, but I bought the XL since it fit me when I tried it on last month at a nearby shop, but they were the regular length and were 3-4“ too long for my short inseam challenged legs. Should be able to also wear my Gerbing’s beneath them. The short leg length is perfect for me, they are a bit big at the gut or waist and if I lose much weight I’ll need to use suspenders.


The finish is first rate, the seams, zippers and Velcro closures are very well done and show a real advancement in some of the other gear I tried on or considered. Others would do well to emulate this. My other consideration and was the Klim Badlands Pro and they are equal to the task as well. For me the final decision was fit. The Poseidon fit better that the BP, on me, the final call was I preferred the Rev’It and especially when it came to the pants, Klim doesn’t offer us inseam challenged folks an option. At least if you are as short legged as I am.


Now to the ride…..the weather was 48-56 all day long and the elevation ranged from 700’ to 3200’, it was sunny and a light wind. I wore only my usual LD Comfort riding shorts and a t shirt as a base. I was warm enough for the 170 or so miles, but had the sun not been shining I would have worn a layer beneath the Poseidon gear. It is comfortable and movement was not hindered in any way. So I can safely say after my initial riding impression that the Poseidon gear exceeds my expectations and I think we’ll enjoy a long and enjoyable relationship. Anxious to see how it fares in the rain and warmer weather as well. Will update this when that happens.


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UPDATE! Now that I have just completed a three day ride I can give a more objective review of the Poseidon. The first morning’s departure saw a brisk 42 degrees, and I did have the liners in. Was a bit cool and I did have some other liners I could have thrown on as well, but it was tolerable. Heated gear would have been overkill. As the day progressed and the temperature warmed I was still comfortable. Since we were riding in the Northeast section of Washington on mostly paved back roads and the elevations ranged from just over 1000’ to near 5000’, it was OK to leave the liners on. It was about 80 degrees by the time we stopped and frankly I should have taken them out, and would have if there had been any further twisties or dirt.

The second day started out at about 46 degrees and I opted to wear the additional layer I brought along. We immediately climbed our way out of the valley, and strangely the temps did not cool off as I expected.


About noon I shed the extra layer and the Rev’It liners and opened the vents, the temps were in the mid-seventies. As we continued on we saw low to mid 80’s. The Poseidon was very comfortable, good air flow from the well-designed vents.


After three days in the gear I can honestly say I am one very happy Rev’It Poseidon owner and have ZERO regrets regarding this purchase. Still awaiting a rainy day to give my final thoughts, but I can say I’m not disappointed in was dry this ride. 


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Updated Rev’It Poseidon jacket and pants review. As I just completed a 22 day road trip on my 2013 BMW R1200GSW I am happy to offer further experience with my Poseidon gear. One might think that in 22 days I would have to opportunity to give my rain experience opinion, well in the 22 days we had 3 periods of brief showers that were NOT any sort of waterproof test, heck even a T shirt and shorts would have sufficed in those showers! The temperature ranged from a low of 44 to a high of 96 with many days of significant winds.

Only on one day did I even use the Rev’It liners, which made the cooler temps tolerable. Of course since my Poseidon gear is the gray color it certainly makes dirt, grime and bugs appear more pronounced and look like it needs a cleaning. But they wash off fairly easily with a cloth, being cautious not to rub them into the pants and jacket. There is a bit of fraying of the sleeve material on the right arm, and I am stumped as to the cause, it isn’t rubbing on anything, just something I’ll have to keep an eye on as time goes on. Another issue that I’m perplexed over is the Hi-Viz vest that I purchased as part of the Rev’It gear. It fits over the jacket nicely with the exception that it moves about when the jacket is taken off or put on. Enough so that it often catches the Velcro on the front of the jacket and does not fare well, it is fraying the Hi-Viz material enough that I fear it will have a shorter than expected life. Seems there should be a better way to secure the front of the vest to the area where the jacket Velcro attacks it.

On day 15 the zipper on the front of the pants began tearing away from the seam. Now it is not because they are too tight over my largess fanny. I purchased the pants in size XL with the thought that I could wear my Gerbing’s as a liner in the cold temps. Examining the seam clearly shows that there was not enough overlap material or that the zipper itself is faulty. Fortunately my wife was along and she is a seamstress so she has made temporary repairs and they got me home OK, but the zipper does not work easily and will no doubt fail again without attention from Rev’It. Which brings me to the warranty. Since I purchased this gear from Revzilla they are the ones who I returned the pants to for a warranty claim, in fact UPS should be delivering them to Revzilla today. They indicated that they would work with Rev’It to determine the best method to address this issue. Have been a loyal Revzilla customer and have no doubt that this will be taken care of by Rev’It. Hopefully in time for my next extended ride.

Overall I am very pleased with the Poseidon gear and of course that may change IF Rev’It says they will not stand behind their product. It is disappointing that this issue has occurred but I’m enjoying the gear with no second thoughts on my purchase. My other choice for gear had been the Klim Badlands Pro. For me the Gore-Tex shell of both of these was a must, I know that is an individual thing and others prefer the Gore-tex liners, but I do not. The gear performed well in the 90s and the venting is pretty good, never got overly hot and it will be interesting to see how I fare in temps of 100 or so. Have a cooling vest for this, just not the Rev’It one since I already owned another one.

I did use a car wash to have the wife give me a quick rinse off and that did remove much of the acquired road grime. They still need to be washed as per the manufactures instructions and that may happen after the warranty is addressed, or I might wait till after the next planned ride. That about covers it. If you have specific questions feel free to shoot them my way.





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Rev’It Poseidon Pants Review Updated PART 3

Well who knew that my Rev’It experience would be so, well detailed. From my two previous posts on the Poseidon gear let me update with the latest news.

As per Revzilla I did return the Poseidon pants to Revzilla for warranty assessment. And they were agreed that the zipper needed to be replaced under warranty. From here I did get a little confused. While speaking on the phone with the Revzilla warranty person, Jim, he mentioned that the certified Gore-tex repair facility that Rev’It uses is in Seattle, WA, to which they would ship my pants for replacing the zipper. In another phone conversation they wanted to know if it would be OK for the repair facility to ship the repaired pants directly to me, saving time for me to ride in them and them the time and cost of another shipment, to which I whole heartedly agreed.

In a few more days I receive an email from Anthony’s Shoe repair in Corona Del Mar, CA saying they have repaired my item and are shipping them to me. ? Huh? Who the heck is Anthony’s Shoe Repair anyway? Also receive an email from UPS with my tracking number.

Well today I receive a package from Anthony’s Leatherworks in Corona Del Mar with an insert about their services. First off the pants look fine on a visual inspection, but alas my excitement last only about 2 minutes more. I of course try on the pants and the zipper zips as it should. Now the bad news. In their attempt to repair my pants they have failed to sew the fly back into the zipper. Effectively this means the pants zip, but have a gap where the original zipper failed, so when you sit or move the zipper is exposed and obviously will not be waterproof, to say nothing of how the Gore-tex membrane may have been compromised.

So here I go to the laptop and then a call to Revzilla. Speak to several folks and the warranty guy, Alex, he says that they are going to replace the pants and are sending me a shipping label to return the original pair. This is certainly what I expected and I am very happy with the level of customer service Revzilla has given me! It is also safe to say that I see there are perhaps some quality control issues with Rev’It.

To add to this tale on a related note. Ordered a pair of Rev’It Sand Pro gloves from Revzilla last week in the size that Rev’It’s chart recommends. Well my hand measured at 9 ½”, which falls between the L (9”) & XL (10”). So I ordered the L. Wrong, they are too tight, but they fit the wife and she loves them, so I order a pair of XL’s for me. They fit much better but are still snug. Just makes one wonder about the type of oversight they use in the factory in Viet Nam, and I must admit I do not know where the gloves are made but the Poseidon jacket and pants are made in Viet Nam.

All in all I am still pleased with the Poseidon gear. But now I’m beginning to think perhaps I should have gone with my second option. But those pants didn’t fit me well at all. If my Rev’It ownership experience fails to meet my expectations you will see additional posts, and of course Rev’It will hear much more from me!


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Here is my last update, at least I hope it is (well maybe a wet weather one to follow later?). A little over a week ago we complete a 14 day ride and the Rev’It Poseidon pants that were replaced under warranty for the zipper issue by Rev’It/Revzilla have met my expectations. They fit exactly as the previous pair of XL’s and the zipper after 14 days of using has not failed.

It is apparent that the Rev’It Poseidon gear is first rate Gore-tex gear and I am very happy with it in all respects, so far. Once again, I have now put somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 or so riding days in the gear and have had hardly seen more than a drop of rain. What gives? Living the PNW this just doesn’t make any sense.

On the last trip we were riding much of US Hwy 101 from Port Angeles all the way south to Ukiah, CA. We did ride in some of the heavy fog/dew from Kalaloch Lodge to almost Hoquiam, WA, and then again further down on the Oregon coast, but no rain. So the Poseidon gear has yet to face this challenge for me and by me.

It has however had a fair test of hot/warm weather and I must say it breathes better than my leathers do, but when it is 100+ I’m not so sure anything is going to feel cool. Even with a layer utilizing my Silver Eagle cooling vest.

Hope someone finds this info useful. As I said before my choices were basically narrowed down to the Poseidon or the Klim Badlands Pro gear. For my own preferences having the Gore-tex outer shell was a must, which both of these have. Gore-tex liners do not make any sense to me. But we are all free to make our own choices.

Ride safe and wear the proper gear. ATGATT.


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Rain test.

We spent 8 days on the road in the PNW, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and experienced weather and temperatures from low 30s to 95 in Hells Canyon. On the very last day we finally hit the first significant rain for a test of my Rev’It Poseidon Gore-Tex gear. It passed with flying colors, stayed dry and the temperature was a constant 54 degrees during the rainfall. Did not have the liners in, but it was not cold, a bit cool maybe, but once we were out of the rain the temperature warmed up to the low 60s, which was very good.

Still need to have a real test in the rain, like say a full day of serious rainfall. This may happen late this month, then again it all depends on too many factors to mention here.

Still a very happy Rev’It Poseidon owner and looking forward to many years of use from this gear!


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Re that Vietnamese factory- just remember the Klim Badlands stuff is also made in Vietnam or at least my set was.

The Klim gear works well but has a number of design fubars that need correction- some of which stem from their "original" but basically stupid choices.

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