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Garmin announces City Select North America update to V7?

Bill Dennes

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I got an email this week from Garmin that said:


"In a continuing effort to provide our customers with complete and accurate automotive navigation mapping, Garmin is pleased to announce an update to MapSource City Select North America v7 DVD."


Wasn't the V7 update released Aug 2005? Does anybody know if this is a real update?


Does the email mean there's no Version 8 coming soon?



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The previous announcement was for City Navigator North American V7, as opposed to the new announcement, which is for City Select North America V7. Two different products. Some GPSs use one, some the other. I believe "Navigator" has more detailed routing information.

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Don't know. City Select v7. shipped last year in August / October depending on GPS Unit.

I don't see any new update for City Select (such as a minor point release) on Garmin's update site.


Mapsource does have an update in Beta.

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Yep, I received my copy of City Select North America v7 in September. It cost $50 compared to $75 for v7 of City Navigator. I'm puzzeled by the recent e-mail Bill received from Garmin.



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The version 7 upgrade of City Navigator cost me $150.00 from Garmin, where did you see it for $75.00?

Steven - Right on Garmin's web site at the link Michael posted above. For $150.00, is it possible that you bought the full package and not just the upgrade? - Brian

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