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Pro m1 autotcom versus the new version


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I sold my RT with the autocom included last year but still have my gadgets inc freetalk xl and ptt switch. If I get the newer version of the autocom is the pin config different now? I seem to think it is and so would have to buy aoll new cables as well. so thinking maybe i should find a used pro m1. Enlighten me?

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If you're talking about upgrading to one of the few remaining Pro-7's that are being sold at 50% off, there is no difference in the pin configuration on the transceiver cable (i.e. the one with the grey plug). It is still a 5-pin plug. The 7-pin plugs on the Pro-7 were for the rider and passenger headsets only and were necessary to accommodate the new headsets which have speakers with independent ground wires (vs. the Pro-M1 which had speakers that shared a common ground wire).


If you're talking about the new SuperPro AVi which is due to be released soon, it appears as though the transceiver cable (grey-covered din plug) will be the same. I can't confirm this, but it looks as though your FRS radio interface cable and your PTT cable/switch will plug right in.

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