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PIAA 004XT vs 1100-X lights


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Has anyone tried PIAA 004XT Extreme White lights? ( http://www.piaa.com/Lamps/Lamp-pages/004xt.html ) I'm wondering how these would be as compared to the 1100Xs ( http://www.piaa.com/Lamps/Lamp-pages/1100x.html ) that everyone raves about.


Advantages of the 004XTs are:


- less expensive

- use a standard H3 size bulb (though PIAA ships them with their fancy bulb.)

- has a narrower dispersion angle - 25 degrees vs. 35 degrees.


I'm presuming that a narrower pattern will give me more carry down the road. I've also got PIAA 1400s mounted in the cowl of my K1200RS and they provide better side to side lighting without blinding oncoming traffic (too much wink.gif .) The new lights would be intended to augment the factory high beam and I plan to use them at night on the open road.


Another question I have about this is if either light can be mounted sideways. I'm considering using Martin Fabrication fork mounts and it looks like they hold the light sideways. ( http://www.martinfabrication.bigstep.com/item.jhtml?UCIDs=474413%7C761485&PRID=1067139 ) As an aside, if anyone has better pix or experience with this mount, please let me know what you think.

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I had the 004XT's for about 2 years on my '02 before I switched to 1100X's. They were adequate lights but there are some shortcomings:

  • They will not mount up right out of the box on the Martin brackets. The mounting space on the Martin's is made for the 1100X. I had to fabricate an aux. bracket to make them work.
  • The 004x's have a flat beam pattern, so even turning them on their side to mount on my modified Martins caused a "tall" beam pattern, blinding most oncoming traffic.
  • The lenses snap on w/o any mechanical fasteners. I hit a nasty pothole and discovered when I got home that one lens was gone. A replacement one was just about the cost of an 1100X bulb!

I would suggest the 1100X's if you intend to mount them down that low. Luckily I got a good deal on the 004XT's, so I don't feel so bad shelving them. Hope this helps.

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I ran the Piaa 004XT's mounted on EZY Brackets under the nose of my LT constantly for 2 years before selling it. Adjusted the beams horizontally in a "\/" pattern and kept them aimed no higher then my low-beam.


In a word, great WHITE lights. Filled-out the anemic stock headlight forward and to the sides. Had to buy a Sylvania Silverstar H7 bulb for the high beam so as it would "show up" as the high beam.


I liked them so much that I had a set mounted on my new Wing.



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Thanks all for the info.


Do the 002X have a round beam pattern that would work as well mounted sideways? It looks like the 004XT is not a good choice for my application.




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I made some (see attachment). Pat Patterson makes and sells EMP brackets see also thread here.


REVz I don't know what EZY brakets are but the lights will mount on any surface verticle or horizontal that you can drill two screws, rivets, into.


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Thanks for the reply. The EZY brackets mount like shown here


It is hard to see the bracket in the photo. If the 1100's take two bolts then the 002X should work too.

Thanks again...

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