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First 400 miles on new 1200RT


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Went yday to check the Barber museum out. Great day to ride 60-70F varying scenery and varying rpms up to 4000 all the way down. Mileage ab. 45mpg. On the way back decided to ge hoe b4 dark and took interstate. rode at close to 4000rpm in 6th and 5th UNTIL the traffic stopped because of accident a few miles up. All three then 4 lanes on I-20 inching fwd. So, after a while the temp goes up one more notch and then after a while the red triangle and oil lits up for short bursts when releasing clutch in continuous inching. What a pain. Did not light up for more than split moment so I let it be and then left hand is starting to cramp.Finally past accident and in a few miles temp back to normal and all seems fine. Except son on Ducati runs out of gas in center lane on I-285 (busy loop around Atlanta) and it is dark by now. All ended well and now there is some 450 milees on bike and oil level is just a hair under top mark in window when on center stand.

Hand is still weak, any suggestions on therapy. (will say more on other forum)



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You may wish to get that temp problem looked at.....I've been all over the place in 100+ temps, stopped in traffic two up going 90 all day, and then hit heavy traffic and still never had the temp. go up even a little. The wrist thing...your on your own. I game off a Harley with a mans clutch grin.gif

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the temp I believe still was ok and I believe it is the low viscosity oil that is the culprit. Oil pressure was probably low when engaging clutch and revs went down for a short period of time, my best guess but will ask dealer on tuesday, mondays off u know!!

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