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Corbin seat for R1200RT


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I've always had good experience with Corbin over the years on my Harleys. I have found that when you ride in and have the seat made while you wait, the results are generally perfect. I like the firm Corbin platform and found it really woks for long hauls. I've never tried Corbin on a BMW and have heard a lot of complaints from those who have but I want to give them a shot on this new bike. So I am going to ride up to their Hollister factory tomorrow and have a seat made on Monday. My only concern is whether they will be able to match the low seat height (given my stubby legs) - but I called and they assured me that they can make it work.

So hopefully by Monday evening I'll be back home with new seats and a backrest that are the same height as the factory low seat and comfortable as well.

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I have one....It may be the best bike seat I've ever owned....as long as my lovely wife remembers to turn off the heater when we park it for the night....3500 miles in 7 days, didn't think about the seat once.....just road the bike and had fun......all day long....

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For Whip and jetratt: how was the overall quality on the saddle? My dealer cautioned me that the Corbins often don't fit very well and as a result, take some work to install. What was your experience?


I really like the looks of the Corbin for the R12RT, and I like the fact that there are backrests available for rider and passenger, so I'd like to think that I could order one without any concern.

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No problems with the fit and finish...The seat fits "snug".... it didn't fall into place...but I didn't have to beat on it either......I picked a different material than the one pictured...... I'll get a pic posted later today......the back rests are interchangable so you only have to buy one if you wish.


My bike not as clean and shiny as the pictured grin.gif



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I didnt have any problems putting the seat on the bike. It doesnt fit like the stock seat but it fits. It is also very well made. It is very firm and with time feels like it will mold to you(break in)

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Sorry to trouble you but whats that box behind the riders seat, looks great thumbsup.gif I very seldom ride with a pssenger, and that would be very usefull




Steve Carter

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When considering the Corbin, what pushed to corbin vs the others out there like Bill Myers, Rich's etc


Also the corbin shown, that has a a mix of leather and . ? clap.gif



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Back from my roadtrip to Corbin. I had them custom make me new front and rear seats and a backrest. Essentially they shaved the sides and made the front seat a bit narrower so I could reach the ground more easily with my 30" inseam and contoured the seat bucket to better fit my butt. The fit and finish is perfect contrary to all the complaints about their seat pans not fitting well. Corbins are very firm - almost harsh feeling initially - but as the miles wear on they feel very supportive. My 350 mile ride up was torture on the stock low seat; the ride home was SO much better. Big thumbs up for Corbin. Picture attached.


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