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Peg substitution on `05 R12RT?


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Dumped It!


Someone had leaked fluids in an intersection. I took off from a dead stop, didn't see it in the dark, and dumped it.


Break-away mirror...did, case lid & valve cover are scraped, and sheared off the left peg.


The question is; Can I substitute a passenger peg for the damaged one long enough to get it to the shop (~120mls)?


Being new to BMWs, I haven't taken anything apart yet...

Wonderful culmination to a lazy ride through Virginia Beach, Back Bay, Sandbridge, and Knott's Island.



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Anyone? Need to know if I can substitute a passenger peg for the left driver's peg.







I haven't done exactly that, but I have replaced my passenger pegs with floorboards for the wife. It's a real simple pin that goes down from the top with a very simple "C" clip on the bottom. Just need a good pair of pliers (preferably needle nose). Pop the clip off the bottom, push the pin up and out. My guess is it'll work fine, but it shouldn't take you 5 minutes to find out.


Sorry to hear about your mishap. That's a bummer. Good luck with the repair. Let me know if it works.

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The front & rear will interchange. You have to un-screw the peg feeler (small lump on bttm) to get the rubber cover off, but otherwise they are identical. It's been my experience that the peg feelers are what usually breaks the peg when you drop it.

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This time, it sheared off the peg at the bracket.



Thanks for the input, Dealership opened today and the service dept. said roughly the same. I'll try it tonight.



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And the answer is...Yes.


As mentioned, they're held in with c-clips, and the spring mechanism is not part of the peg, it merely attaches via a hole in the leading edge. Aside from the 'feeler' the pegs are identical.


Thanks for the help.



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Hey there Mike. I am in the same area and have an '06 RT. You but it from Adventure? Give me a shout if you wanna get together for a ride.





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