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Cable & TPS


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I was told that if the left throttle body cable is adjusted, the TPS must be re-set. If so, does this require more than disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, then with the key on and engiune not running, open and close the throttle a couple of times.

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Well, kinda yes and no. How's that for wishy washy.


The cable controls the higher speed, not idle, syncronization of the throttle bodies. The TPS transmits signal about throttle position to the ECU. If the cable was properly set before hand, with just a fuzz of play in it, it won't effect the TPS setting at all. If it was not, and the idle speed depended on the cable setting rather than the BBS and idle stop screw settings then you will have to reset the TPS. The other instance would be if the idle stop screw, up under the throttle body has been messed with. That opens a whole other can of worms though and is best left alone.


You have the correct sequence for relearning the TPS sweep for your bike. You don't have to go through the battery disconnect thing though. A little research will lead you to the proper fuse. As I recall, it is either F5 or F6, you could always pull both.

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