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Fairing lowers - Wethead RT


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I thought I'd repost this as a separate enquiry!

Does anyone think there would be a market for someone producing fairing infill panels in front of the cylinders - a bit like the picture above and similar to the K16?

I just think that particular aspect if the new bike looks lacking and a tad unfinished.


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Just my personal opinion Andy, but the exposed Boxer is one of my favorite design elements of the new RT. I'm sure you will find many in both camps on this question though. :grin:




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BMW's are probably the commercial bikes with the most aerodynamics studies behind them. If they left that hole in front of the cylinders they must have had their good reasons.

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For sure it is.

That is not the thrust of the question though.

I am contemplating making lowers, but if the general consensus is that I am the odd one out, then that is fine, but if I get one, I will be attempting to bridge that rather odd gap in front of the cylinder heads (but in a way that makes sure there will be plenty of puff past the heads).

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Not sure that I would modify the front like the picture shows, but I would like to see carbon fiber side panels to replace the existing plastic covers that are just behind the engine.

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